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February 8, 2008

The Ten Percenter

I realised today that 10% of 2008 has already passed. In fact, it passed a couple of days ago. There was no fanfare, no fireworks... just another day at the office.

Do I feel 10% of the way towards being a Rock God? Not so much, but I have made some progress. I've done some networking, which may not lead to anything right now, but at least I've overcome my fear of talking to people about music and about wanting to be in a band. I've had some affirmation from the teacher on my guitar course. He said I'm good enough to play with other people. I'm also on the course (next installment tomorrow) which means I'm progressing both in terms of practice and in terms of jamming with people.

The date that's scaring the crap out of me at the moment is the 15th March. That's the last day of term at Westminster Adult Education Services. After that I'm on my own. After that I take a leap of faith into the void. I need to find people to play with and that means growing some balls and risking looking like a loser if they totally outclass me.

By then I need to:

1) Be confident in my own playing
2) Look the part/have presence

Number 1 will simply have to happen. I'll have to work on number 2. Some guitarists can pull off the 'stand still and play' routine. Look at Derek Trucks. He barely moves onstage apart from his hands, which are a blur, rarely smiles, usually plays with his eyes closed. He looks like he's channelling Buddha.

I can't get away with that. Right now when I play I tend to either stand still, in which case I look bored, or I rock backwards and forwards on one foot... in which case I look like a complete moron (apologies to those morons who ROCK... I don't mean YOU!)

I mean, I can play and I can dance. I need to combine the two... though not like Pete Townshend... he scares me!

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