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May 22, 2009


Stress sucks.

Stress bites.

Stress... GRRRRRR!!!!!

My current mantra is:

In three weeks I'll be in Greece
In three weeks I'll be in Greece
In three weeks I'll be in Greece

I can picture it now. Crystal blue waters. Sun, sea, sand. I can't wait. I need this so much.

Last night I had another jam session. Right from the start I sucked. I tried to relax but I couldn't. Stress has me tied up in knots. I can't relax my hands enough to fret anything without grinding the strings into the fretboard. My strumming is Mr Roboto, not Sly Funk.

No Loosey Goosey here.

Even the trusty ol' pentatonic eluded me. It seemed awkward, alien.


I need a beach.

Three weeks
Three weeks
Three weeks

May 15, 2009

Fade Away

This is not fun. This may herald the end. IT are clamping down on non-work-related sites. Blogger is still up, but more and more pages are disappearing day-by-day. It may not be long.

May 11, 2009

Placebo @ The Bush Tomorrow!

Hey all, long time no post. Been doin' band stuff lately, which means that I've had to invest more time drinking beer and pontificating in public houses than blogging.

Real life, man.

Got a brand new stretch target. It's unachievable, but hell, I'm going to have a shot.

Hooked up with another guitarist with some very cool ideas. Need to get some songs together and find a rhythm section. The plan is to put 5 songs together, consisting of 2 revamped and rocked-out covers and three originals. A small local pub is looking for bands to play short sets throughout August and September. If we can get all the elements together then maybe we can scrape in under the wire for one of the late, late summer shows. May be no hope, but I'm fired up about music right now and plan on giving it a shot.

And TOMORROW NIGHT we get to see Placebo play a warm up gig at the Shepherd's Bush Empire. We all know that I hate 'The Bush' but hell, it's an excuse to get all gothed up and part-ay!

If anyone knows who the support are going to be and when the band are likely to be onstage, please, please, leave a comment with that info here. I've been bashing my head against the wall trying to find out. We're likely to be a bit late, but don't want to miss a thing!