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June 2, 2009

Da Bluze

So I finally got to plug Red in last night for the first time in a while. Things have just been crazy and, well, I keep the Gibson packed away when I'm not using it, which adds that extra level of effort required if I get a spare moment.

I spent about an hour running through riffs and chords for 'the new band', but found myself in a bit of a funk (no, not that kind of funk). I didn't want to learn, I just wanted to play.

After a few minutes of googling, I dug up some decent blues backing tracks and let rip, channeling BB and Albert, but not Freddy. I'm not really a Freddy officionado. A gap in my knowledge of the blues.

Suddenly, everything was feeling the music. It flowed from me. Everything was good with the world (if potentially not the neighbours!)