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June 2, 2009

Da Bluze

So I finally got to plug Red in last night for the first time in a while. Things have just been crazy and, well, I keep the Gibson packed away when I'm not using it, which adds that extra level of effort required if I get a spare moment.

I spent about an hour running through riffs and chords for 'the new band', but found myself in a bit of a funk (no, not that kind of funk). I didn't want to learn, I just wanted to play.

After a few minutes of googling, I dug up some decent blues backing tracks and let rip, channeling BB and Albert, but not Freddy. I'm not really a Freddy officionado. A gap in my knowledge of the blues.

Suddenly, everything was feeling the music. It flowed from me. Everything was good with the world (if potentially not the neighbours!)


Pribek said...

The Zone!

Furtheron said...

He is alive!

I have same issue my Les Paul sits in it's case but that means I will often pick up whats in the rack - which ain't bad PRS, Gordon Smith, Strat...

However at the moment it's all acoustic - probably reflects my stress levels and best I used something calming to give me serenity and playing classical does do that more... however I know that I'll be rusty when I do go back electric

Col said...

Know what you mean about Feddy King. Not my bag either. Too harsh to my ears.

Bored blog watcher said...

Fuck me there's bound to be a post on here soon when that lazy bastard gets his finger out and sorts his life out. Sooner or later anyway.

Kenski said...

Hey BBW :-)

A post, a post, my kingdom for a post!

Nobody likes to listen to me whine! The bottom line is that I'm swamped with other things. Music is on a haitus. It *will* be back. Don't know when. Haven't touched a guitar in well over a month!