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July 7, 2009

Virtual Insanity

Alright. You asked for it. You begged for it. Now here it is. A post!

Life. What's that about then? How do you quantify chaos?

Okay. Holiday? Good. Very non-relaxing. Returned home exhausted from seeing the sun come up too many times. Musical news from the trip? I like the new Placebo album. It's a grower. Michael Jackson died. We were told at 4am outside a club, by a drag queen of all people. We thought she was joking! We had tickets for one of the O2 shows. Might still go. You never know, do you? MJ has a habit of turning up when you least expect him.

I haven't touched a guitar since my last post. I'm not sure I could find one in our flat at the moment. We have so much washing to do but our machine exploded. Need to find time to go to a launderette. When was the last time anyone did that?!?!

Both under and on top of all the clothes is a thick layer of dust and grime. Two weeks before our vacation we stopped cleaning. Why? We thought we might have builders in, demolishing the place. What happened? We got shafted. The builders pulled out, deciding to take on a more lucrative job, probably.

We're living in chaos. The place is a dump. I wouldn't house a homeless person in there.


In a strange twist of fate we have the BBC coming round next week to interview us about our use of the Arts Council Own Art scheme! We've used the scheme for a few purchases, including my Gibson, Red. I hope to god they don't bring a camera crew.

Who is going to clean the flat before then? No idea.

Who is going to turn the garden from an overgrown jungle into something resembling order? No idea.

Who's going to figure out which packing case the 'Own Art' stuff is in?!? That's a damn fine question!

Don't get me started on work. Before our trip I was offered a new position. I turned it down. Not certain why! It would probably have been a good move but the timing was bad.

I need another vacation.


Furtheron said...

Makes my life sound positively dull by comparison... :-)

Kenski said...



I was so frustrated the other day that I was absent-mindedly squeezing my mobile a little too hard and it literally snapped in half in my hand! Naturally I hadn't copied my contacts onto the sim recently so I was royally s****ed.

Just another snapshot of things going wrong right now :-\

Col said...

Reggie Perrin.

Kenski said...

Oh, if only pulling a Reggie was an option. I doubt I'd ever get the electrics to work again if I took Red for a bath in seawater!