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July 14, 2009

Another Post

Will this be about music or more whining? Let's find out.

First off, a little whine. Indulge me. So, we got back from hols all tanned and exhausted (too many late nights) to find our builder had pulled out of the house mods we've been planning forever. Not a good situation as we were all gung-ho to get moving.

Surely nothing more could go wrong?

Well, yes, there is one thing that could go wrong. Our architect just emailed (nice) to say that she's exhausted her list of builders she's willing to work with and hence she has no option but to withdraw from the project, too! Now, I've heard about clients firing their architects, but have you ever heard of an architect firing the client?

We do like to be different.

Advance to Old Kent Road, do NOT pass Go, do NOT collect £200.

Not fun. We're feeling a little shafted.

Fortunately for us, the BBC crew who want to interview us about the Own Art scheme postponed. We're now only in partial chaos. Lots more work to go before the place is habitable. Marigolds at the ready.

At 11pm last night, after an evening of tidying, I picked up Blackie (my Ovation acoustic), played briefly, then put it down again. I was amazed to find that I remembered where the notes were! Amazing. Thank god for finger memory, eh?

We have (much) more cleaning to do. I think the BBC are now coming on Friday. I think. I'm not sure. The place is still a pit, but at least it's not the disaster area it was.

Music? It's not very rock 'n' roll, but here's the playlist on my iPod right now:

"Work", Kelly Rowland (Freemasons Radio Edit)
"I Kissed A Girl", The Real Booty Girls (PH Elektro Remix)
"Jai Ho!", Pussycat Dolls
"When Love Takes Over", Airi L (Ronnie Maze Club Mix)
"Release Me", Agnes (Extended Mix)

Okay, so there's more, but I'm going to stop there. What we're talking is a whole buttload of Big American Vocal dance music. Summertime fluff for booty-shakin'. Kenski the sun-lovin' podium-dancer is in full force. Lasers and strobe-lights at the ready.

As they say in the Jerry Springer Opera... I Just Wanna Fucking Dance.

One day I'll get Red out again. One day I'll plug him up again. One day I'll WAIL.

But not today.


Furtheron said...

That's outrageous... the architect... well and your iPod list I suppose :-)

Kenski said...

Oh, be-have :-)

You can't shake your booty to Satch. Well, maybe you can, but you'd be shakin' it damn fast!