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May 22, 2009


Stress sucks.

Stress bites.

Stress... GRRRRRR!!!!!

My current mantra is:

In three weeks I'll be in Greece
In three weeks I'll be in Greece
In three weeks I'll be in Greece

I can picture it now. Crystal blue waters. Sun, sea, sand. I can't wait. I need this so much.

Last night I had another jam session. Right from the start I sucked. I tried to relax but I couldn't. Stress has me tied up in knots. I can't relax my hands enough to fret anything without grinding the strings into the fretboard. My strumming is Mr Roboto, not Sly Funk.

No Loosey Goosey here.

Even the trusty ol' pentatonic eluded me. It seemed awkward, alien.


I need a beach.

Three weeks
Three weeks
Three weeks


Istvanski said...

Stress is good for playing thrash metal.
Go back and do some more Metallica exercises.

Furtheron said...

I know that feeling - I've been stressed to hell and back lately... I'm trying hard not to dwell on it and breath deeper and slower

Aunt Jackie said...

I need a beach or something too, stress has been kicking my ass. I'm trying to get around to everyone and catch up but it sucks hardcore and I am barely able to get around.

So here I am.

You'll probably see a beach before me, but oh well... Enjoy!