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June 9, 2008

Little Feat With Sparkly Blue Toenails

If your 8-year old niece is staying with you, never, NEVER fall asleep before she does. The lipstick kisses covering my face washed off the morning after. However, I'm stuck with sparkly blue toenails for at least the next two weeks. Changing at the gym is likely to be an interesting experience!

We had a fairly packed 'London' weekend, catching the Colonel's Review, which is the second rehearsal for the Trooping the Colour in preparation for the Queen's birthday celebrations.

We also sampled the delights of Borough Market, took a boat ride down the Thames and, of course, went for a ride on the London Eye. After a stroll along South Bank, checking out the street performers, we rounded off Sunday evening with a traditional roast dinner at a pub.

On the music front, I noticed an advertisement in a local rag for an upcoming Little Feat concert in London. The show takes place on July 11th at the IndigO2 in Greenwich, doors open 19:00. Interestingly the show is rated as 18+ or 16+ accompanied by an adult. Hooray! Adult music!

I used to really dig the quirkiness of Little Feat back in the day, but I've not heard anything from them in decades. Are they still any good? Is it the same band, or has everyone been replaced? Is it worth catching the show? All opinions and experiences welcome!


Further on up the road said...

I think that there are a lot of the original members still in Little Feat but without Lowell George who I suppose to most people was Little Feat.

My wife hates it when my daughter goes for hair restyling on her :-)

I stay awake... all night if needed :-)

Anonymous said...

why are complaining *snigger* sleep and blue sparkly toenails, bliss :)


Kenski said...

If I'd had any sleep since then I think I'd be a happy boy!

Toenails are starting to look a little reliced after a few days. A bit more 'bag lady' than 'rock god'...

Originally she'd planned on giving me black toe/fingernails but for some reason blue/sparkly seemed more reserved. Maybe she thinks I should be heading over to the Glam Rock side of things...