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March 10, 2009

For A Friend

Not meant to be lyrics. Not meant to be poetry. Just something that came as one, unformed lump into my brain when thinking about one of our friends, Andy.

"Southbound on the Westside Train"

Andy, where are you going to?
What treasure do you hope to find?
A long and lonely one way trip
Southbound on the Westside train

It's too, too late for an Uptown boy
You'll never find your way tonight
Lay back down and rest a while
Hold on for the morning light

Three warm days and three dark nights
A beggars banquet of desire
One last plea to hold on tight
One more time before the dawn

Andy, who fills up your dreams?
What memory is now most dear?
You hide your eyes and ride the rails
Southbound on the Westside train


Furtheron said...

Make them lyrics - good starting point for a song surely

Kenski said...

Actually, although I basically bashed that out (with minimal editing) during a coffee break in a format that's lyrical, right now I'm more feeling a short story coming on with it. It's hard to put into descriptive text exactly what the vibe of the background story is, but I think if I were to outline the situation then the pathos would shine through... if that makes any sense!