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November 17, 2009


Went along to support Mr Furtheron of the "Guitars & Life" blog (here). He was performing his debut solo acoustic gig for the Rock Til You Drop crew (here). A very good Sunday afternoon all round. Beautiful music, good company... polite conversation [cough].

Furtheron did a great job and says he'll be back for more sets at the Libertine in Borough. For a more detailed write up, check out the Rock Til You Drop blog.

For myself, I'd set aside this evening and tomorrow night to go over the tunes I've selected for the jam on Tuesday, throw around some ideas... basically, get a handle on everything so that I don't walk in looking like a numpty. Why today and tomorrow? Well, Tim's out of town and while he's away, this cat can play.


Anyway, that plan's out the window. Got a call last night from my other jammin' buddy, asking whether I'd be so kind as to sit in on a jam tonight. I was a bit torn, but I figured that getting in a pre-jam jam would allow me to blow away the cobwebs and, well, there's always tomorrow, isn't there... [cough].

I can see myself doing all the stuff I should be doing at the 11th hour.


Furtheron said...

Go with the flow Ken - it'll all work out right I'm sure... :-)

Furtheron said...

... oh yes and thanks again for coming along on Sunday. Great to finally meet you in person

Istvanski said...

It was a good afternoon out.
I discovered two things:
1. Furtheron plays guitar well and
2. You have a mouth like a sewer.

Kenski said...

Ister... moi? Potty mouth?

Don't tell mother, eh?

Axe said...

He's right you know Kenny.

Kenski said...

I agree. G can play really well :-)