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May 11, 2010

So Close... can almost smell them!

So I got an email through today to let me know that the Derek Trucks Band's latest offering, a double live CD entitled "Roadsongs", is available for pre-order.

BUT WAIT. There's more!

If you pre-order, you get the chance to win one of Derek's very own, used glass slides. Cool...


You also get the chance to win, and I quote:

"A dTb Roadsongs air freshener for your car! That way, when you listen to Roadsongs while on the road, you'll get to enjoy the great smell of dTb along with their sound."

Now, I love the dTb, their music. Even if I had a car these days (which I don't), I'm not sure I'd want it to actually smell of the band.


chazza said...

Knowing how Lady Luck goes. . .you'll win. Lol

Furtheron said...

you can hang it on the handelbar of the scooter...

Now I know that you make more out of the merchandising these days than record sales but that is surely going too far? What next Ozzy toilet flush for the smell that Ozzy likes in his lav!

Actually - hold that thought there is a whole product range here isn't there. I'm sure Gene Simmons will have had a deodorant on the market at some time surely? :-)

TONI said...

Hi dude, I just found your blog net searching some info about low watts valve amps (surprising where google may lead you! ; ) and I've just checked out your posts, from beginning to an end, and you've just achieved one more reader!
I love it, it's funny to read your stories about your guitar playing, your band, and so on.
I'm also a guitar player, so I fully understand you.
Keep on rockin', I'll keep on reading you from Barcelona!