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August 15, 2008

Cold, Cold Heart

Yes, I've been in something of a slump for a bit. Looking at the clock, I only have 138 days left on the project, which puts me...



For those without calculators, that's just under 20 weeks. Sounds like a long time, but it really isn't.

So, as I've hinted before I've become a little jaded with the whole 'find band members' circus. Maybe it's the summer and people are on hols. Maybe it's that when I chat to people I somehow don't put my best foot forward and they never call back. Maybe it's just that the majority of musos are a bit flaky. Who can say? Wot-ev-ver.

It's not helped that I've not been playing guitar as much as I'd like to recently, partly because I managed to screw my right arm up... tennis elbow? Parson's nose... who knows? Anyway, my strumming arm is giving me gyp and playing guitar only seems to aggravate it. I'm trying to rest it as much as I can, but since I'm right-handed I naturally tend to use it without thinking. It's getting better, though. Slowly.

Bloody hell, this is exciting stuff, isn't it? Next I'll be telling you about my folks' current dental problems.

Okay, here's the thing. ALTHOUGH I'm feeling jaded, I still have that little kid inside me that gets excited whenever someone mentions Christmas. I was looking at the daily email shot from "Join My Band" and there was something from a drummer wanting to find bandmates. Checked out the influences. Pretty cool. Definitely something I could get behind. Got me excited again. Based not too far away. Emailed a response and got a positive vibe back. Sent my phone number. Wait and see, I guess...

Now, part of me realises that this is the same routine as every other time I've tried to make something happen, but hey, maybe this time Santa will come down the chimney.

Eh? Wot? Don't ask me. I'm not certain that the wizard is in today.

Oh, and I'd considered posting an iPod DJ instead of this tripe, but my iPod is being really obnoxious at the moment and is refusing to play anything decent! I mean, I'm not going to admit to having Tony Bennett on there, am I? Oh crap, I think I just did...

IN OTHER NEWS... I got a couple of cheap CDs off the internet: "The Best of Free" (by Free, obviously) and "Who's Next" (by... c'mon... think about it). My thought was that I could use these albums to reconnect with, like, the 70s, man. I'm still waiting for Duffy's "Rockferry" to land on our doormat. It's late. Hopefully the Free stuff will be riff-a-licious. I'm not really familiar with their stuff.

I also have a copy of the movie "Crossroads" winging its way over from the US. The one with Ralph Macchio, not the Britney flick. Okay, so that's still worthy of a piss-take, but y'know, I remember watching the film and enjoying it when I was (alot) younger. It cost me all of, like, £3 or something.

Hey, look, feel free to judge. I don't care.


Further on up the road said...

You'll love Free....

My brother Jake
Alright Now
Wishing Well

Kosof - bloody genius - sad to lose so young

Kenski said...

Yeah, just listened to it (working on "Who's Next" now). All I thought I knew by Free was "Alright Now". Turns out I knew a few others, too. It's definitely a 'play loud' CD. Good tunes for the good weather :-)

Heff said...

Waitaminute...You don't even have a group together yet ? Twenty Weeks ? Dude, You are SCREWED !

Frank said...

Don't let the bandmates thing get you down.

If nothing else, I'm sure your guitar playing as improved since you've started the project.

I know mine has ;-)

I don't want to encourage you to look away from the project, but I do want to remind you that you can continue on the goals of the project past your deadline.

As my wife says, "a deadline is never a drop dead date." Just try to continue at the pace that you've been working at.

Honestly, it has been your pace and efforts that has impressed me.

Meanwhile, keep a look out for band mates, keep practicing (I think that is important) and keep a chin up. Obviously, don't practice until your elbow feels better.


Kenski said...

Cheers Frank... thanks for that :-)

Cheers Heff... thanks for that :-)


Hey, look, worst comes to worst I'll get in a band then die in a bizarre gardening accident. That probably sneaks inside the rules of Rock Godliness...

Kenski said...

Or I can pull a Marilyn Manson and promote a band that doesn't exist yet and put it together on the fly after it's booked...

...I think I remember seeing a documentary that said something like that... then again, at the time I was in Amsterdam...

Bizarro Aunt Jackie said...

AHAHAHAH!!! Crossroads with Ralph Macchio. I loved that movie. Yeah Britney can suck eggs--BLAH!

Steve Vai is a badazz... and one of my husband's favorite guitarists.


Good luck on the project... btw, just relax and let it flow--It will work out as it is supposed to! :)

Aunt Jackie

Dave Jacoby said...

Crossroads so perfectly hits the tenor of the times. It is exactly where guitar was in the 1980s. I love that flick.

Kenski said...

I think you *have* to be a guitar fan to like "Crossroads". It's like the movie that you hide behind all the other DVDs you don't want people to see when you're trying to pretend you're cool.

I always think it's funny that Ralphie-boy is supposed to be this hotshot classical player yet he can't even make a shuffle sound good.

It just arrived in the mail today... I'll have to find a couple of hours to myself, close the curtains, lock the door and watch it in the dark.