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August 28, 2008

Going Mobile

So this isn't going to be as exciting to anyone else as it is to me, but look!

Can you tell what it is yet? Can you? Of course you can't. It's all scrunched up!

A while back, Col of Axe Victim pointedly pointed out (as he does) that transport is essential for any budding band member. Transport, transport, transport.

At the time I had no transport at all (other than that supplied by the erstwhile (ex-)mayor Ken Livingstone and TFL.

A while back all that changed and I experienced the freedom that two privately owned wheels and a motor can give you in the city. But bikes have no storage for musical instruments, I hear you cry. True! BUT! That's where the cardboard box and its mysterious contents come in.

It's a Les Paul sized GIG BAG! Ta-Dah!

(I told you that it wasn't that exciting)

Moreover, it's my very first gig bag. To date I've always lugged stuff around in hard cases... hence I have one arm longer than the other... Now, though, I can combine one of these:

...with one of these:

(with backpack straps, handy accessory pockets etc)

...and, neglecting alcohol and halucinogenic drugs, get something approximating:

(that's the Grateful Dead's first tour bus, "Sugar Magnolia")

Amplification? Well, that's an issue still to be resolved. All the practice rooms I've been looking at have guitar amps supplied. Maybe possible to do down the POD/PA route? Dunno. It's also not impossible that I could strap my amp on the back of the bike. Realistically, I'm not planning on making money from this whole endeavour so I don't mind forking out cab fare or one-day car rental to get me to and from gigs.

Wheels on f**king fire, eh?


Axe Victim said...

if I was you mate I'd get myself a dirt cheap guitar to lug around on the scooter rather than something costing as much as the scooter itself.

Kenski said...

Ah, but I *have* a dirt cheap guitar... but also a reckless nature :-) It's mothballed for the moment but it may be making a re-appearance.

Hey, are you saying my scooter's cheap???? Hrmph...

The place I have to go on Sunday's actually really close to me, so any form of transport will work :-)

Kenski said...

And welcome back from swami-ville (unless you're remotely logging in from the Dali Lama's house?)

Hopefully the break has been relaxing!

Axe Victim said...

Very much so old chap, very much so. Thanks for asking. I'm chilled.