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September 16, 2008

Midnight Rider

It's bizarre news time.

So, last night I waded through my backlog of emails and came across a mail shot about Gregg Allman selling his 2005 Corvette convertible on eBay!

According to the listing, which ended on the 8th September, the car didn't reach the reserve price. The high bid was $35k. That's £19,510 in British money. I reckon if you'd managed to secure it for that price then including tax, shipping and SVA conversion you could have been driving Gregg's old car for around £27-28k. Provenance to one side (would Gregg driving that puppy increase or decrease the value?), that's about on the money as far as pricing for a stock 2005 'vette goes in the UK...

However, included in the deal was upgraded suspension, tuned headers, sports exhaust and an air induction kit. It also came with custom car cover as well!


You also get... autographed CDs and picture, 2 tickets to a show in the venue closest to your area (erm...) and "Gregg will autograph the glove box"!

Sounds like a steal to me!

Shame about the colour (bleugh!) and that it's not a Z06 (or even a ZR1). Now, if it had been one of these babies...

...then I might have been interested!

(though, honestly, I still prefer the styling of the old C5s and for the record, no, I couldn't afford it)

Most of my other emails were a little weird. Lots of stuff suggesting that if only I had 'larger pens' (sic) that I'd be better able to satisfy my partner. I'm not 100% certain I get the correlation...


Anonymous said...

Buy a Monaro - same engine but Aussie build - shame about Vauxhall badge but you can get some great deals on them at the moment - 2 / 3 years old for under £15K

Kenski said...

Right now a 1980s Morris Ital is closer to my budget :-)

I've never been keen on the Monaro styling (the saloon car thing) but I understand they're storming cars. Not that I particularly like the Corvette C6 lines, either. When they came out I thought they were a real missed opportunity.

Still, the Monaro's not a bad compromise for lugging amps around at speed :-)