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November 9, 2008

Song For School

Okay, so it's not ROCK, but here's the little song I wrote for class. The brief was to pick a key, use the 'magic decoder ring' method for getting the chords, strum a simple rhythm and then add a melody over the top. On this version I also noodled in the middle for hell of it.


Col said...

What have we come to?
Travelin’ down this road
How long can we run for?
From all that we know...

La la la lalalala la la, da d ada da da

Very nice melody Ken. Very sweet tune. Keep it up mate.

Frank [] said...

I like it. It's very relaxing. I've got a meeting and then I'm going to listen to it again to unwind.

You really do sound good. Are you playing both parts? If so, how are you mixing that? And where are the drums coming from? Sorry but it all sounds very good. I hope that i could do something like that soon!

Thanks for sharing!


agatzebluz said...

Very nice track.
Sweet tone and well recorded.
Acoustic is often difficult to record.

Nice work