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November 2, 2008

Magic Ship @ The Half Moon, Putney

Rocked. Absolutely.

Check out Col's blog for pictures of the gig, here. They had the crowd from the get-go. Grabbed hold and didn't let go.

Tim actually summed up Magic Ship's performance much better than I could. His take on the show was that the band took their own original material and 100% sold every number in a way that was accessable, even to someone who hadn't heard the songs before.

When Col asked me what I thought over an after-show beer I let him know that they really hit it on every song. The only tune that felt like it needed a little more was "LoveTel Motel", the title track from the band's debut album. Funny thing, that, replied Col... somehow he'd managed to turn the volume down on his guitar and he couldn't get it turned back on! Showed the versatility of Sam, lead guitarist and co-singer. He carried the tune and nobody really noticed!

Way to go Magic Ship. Knocked it out of the park!

In celeb news, rubbed shoulders, metaphorically, with Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters on Saturday night. He was special guest at Justin Bond's show, "Lustre" at the Soho theatre and was mingling with Joe Public afterwards. Seemed very down to earth despite being an international recording artist. It's nice to know that celebs are real people, too. No, I didn't talk to him... what would I say, anyway?


Col said...

It was wonderful of you both to have made the effort to have come along. It made my night more special and I know that the lads were chuffed too. I realy enjoyed meeting Tim - please thank him for his beer generosity - and I had a good time hanging with you guys afterwards. Oh, and thanks for the very nice review too. You're too kind good sir. Hope to see you both again on the 21st Nov at the White Hart Barnes?

Kenski said...

Assuming work cools off (PLEASE!!!) then I'll definitely try to get down the the Barnes gig. Tim's away that weekend, so it'd keep me out of trouble :-) (unless I get smashed then decide to go out clubbin' later... I really must start acting my age soon, really!)