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October 30, 2008


I so need a break. Work is driving me INSANE! I'm stuck with using some software which not only doesn't work, but it doesn't not work in the same way twice, if that makes sense! Errors are not reproduceable. Imagine, for one moment, that you were lumbered with a calculator which not only would not give the same result twice for the same calculation, but which was churlish enough to switch itself off at random.

Magnify 1000 times and you have a measure of my frustration.

What it means is that I've had to spend more time with 'real' work the past fortnight than I have with guitar, life, love and the pursuit of happiness.

About my only advancement is that I now think I've got the chord changes down on Oasis' "Supersonic". It seems that the tab I had was woefully incorrect (or at least incomplete), which meant that I was switching back to the verse before the guitar solos ended. D'Oh! I had planned on spending the whole of this evening playing, but as I've just been asked to work all weekend, that may not happen as I'd rather work now and play later... I have plans for Friday night, all of Saturday and possibly Sunday night, which doesn't leave much time for being a slave to the wage.

Looking forward to the Magic Ship gig tomorrow night (Friday 31st, Half Moon in Putney). Should be good. I'm certainly not going to miss that for work!!!! I managed to miss both their debut gig and the warmup for this one, so I'm two for nothing, coming into the third.

Okay, well that was my break. Back to it, I guess...

Oh, and it's half term at WAES Rockschool, so no class tonight, plus our band couldn't find a suitable rehearsal space this week, so it'll be next week before we get together for Round 2!

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