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October 23, 2008

The Band With No Name?

Actually, we may have a name, but it's a working title so no hints right now.

This is us... the motley crew!

Let me introduce you. From right to left we have:

Rich: bass
Jo: vox and Pretty Kitty slinger
Jonathan: drums
Bo: guitar
Ken: guitar

Last night was our first time playing together so none of us knew what to expect. Overall it didn't go too badly. It became pretty clear early on that everyone else has put lots of work into practice, learning the songs in terms of chords, leads, changes and so on over the past week. I hadn't had the time to nail the changes so I was playing catchup. I also hadn't had time to learn "Strange Brew" so Bo stepped up and taught me how he plays the song on the fly then took the lead.

Let me just say that I needn't have had any worries about whether the other guys could play. They certainly can.

"I Wanna Be Your Dog" (The Stooges) went well from the get-go. "Supersonic" (Oasis) took a couple of run-throughs but wasn't too bad overall. "Wild Thing" (The Troggs) was a fun interlude. Even though I'd not learned it, "Strange Brew" went strangely well, as did a few little jams we had along the way.

I was really not in the zone when I first got there. About 30 minutes into the session, though, the other guys took off for a fag break. I stayed behind, closed my eyes and just noodled. Click. Found it. Things started to work.

Looks like everyone was happy with the band so we're going to keep at it!

Rock-stardom on the horizon [cough]? Don't know. What I do know is that I'm a million miles from where I was at the start of The Project, holding my own in a band-type-situation. For once I'm actually kinda proud of myself!


Dave Jacoby said...

Big congrats. Sounds like a good deal.

"Dog" is an Iggy tune. It sounds better when it feels underrehearsed.

Col said...

I'm very proud of you buddy. Very proud indeed. You should hit target at this rate.

Furtheron said...

well done

Kenski said...

Thanks guys. Of course, I may check my email and find that they don't want me back :-)

@Col... hey, I can always move my target, eh? What *is* a Rock God, anyway? I figure I owe a lot to this 'project'. I'd have never met guys like you, had the encouragement I needed etc otherwise. Geez, this internet's good for something after all! Who knew?

Maybe I'll make it to the stage by NYE... maybe... Hell, might even make it to YouTube in some embarassing Paris Hilton type movie :-)