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October 16, 2008

Band Blurp

Apologies! No time for long post today!

Last night: band meetup. All good. Everyone there. Whittled down songlist to top 5 for first rehearsal next Wednesday as follows:

Wild Thing (The Troggs)
I Wanna Be Your Dog (The Stooges)
Strange Brew (Cream)
My Generation (The Who)
Supersonic (Oasis)

Top two are easy. Just need to get rhythm down. Never tried "My Generation" or "Supersonic" before, so we'll see how they go. I think I'm supposed to be learning the backing part to "Strange Brew", which is cool. I like the Cream stuff which uses a repeating riff for the rhythm. Have to learn it, though. Only ever tried the lead on it before.

So. We're focused. We're set. The SET is SET! Plus we're all keen to bring our own ideas to the table to kick around and see whether we can come up with 'a sound'

Side note: very strange last night. Met at the Royal George, just off Charing Cross Road. It seems that every Wednesday they have a ukelele club night and the basement is packed with players, all jamming along at the same time to stuff like "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and "YMCA". SURREAL!

Oh, and WAES 'Rockschool' (or not) class number 2 tonight. Should be fun, though I do kind of wish I were just going home to wail on some Cream, as it were!


Furtheron said...

The Royal George - God memories!

That was along with The Tottenham the nearest local to my old workplace years ago - spent many many a wasted afternoon / evening in there.

Love the sound of the Uke Club - now where was that site Col mentioned....?

Col said...

Uke hunt!

MooPig_Wisdom said...

keep up the good work... this is an excellent project!