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October 1, 2008

Rockschool... Places Available!

Okay, so this sucks.

The new WAES (Westminster Adult Education Service) course "Rockschool - Electric Guitar Skills" was supposed to start last week, but it was postponed until tomorrow. I just heard that it's been bumped by another week. Why? Well, it seems that in order for it to be viable from a budget point of view they need 8 students and so far they only have 5 people signed up. I just spoke with Hilary Robinson, the music department Course Team Leader as WAES, and she said that she's working to get a couple more people in so that they can run it. They've printed up some postcards. Have you seen one? Me neither. I figure I'd post something here to see whether I can drum up interest myself.

So, if you read this blog and are interested in getting cheap instruction in a group setting then please, please, please, contact Hilary (Tel: 020 7641 7891) and sign up. If you want more info then feel free to contact me and I'll tell you what I can. I've been on a WAES course before and it was pretty damn good. You can check out their website here.

"This course is designed for people with a little previous experience of playing the electric guitar who would like to develop their skills and prepare for a Rockschool Electric Guitar grade exam in a year of lessons. Rockschool syllabus materials and exam fees are included in the course price."

You basically get weekly 2-hour group sessions, 6-8pm in Pimlico/Victoria for a 28-week academic year at a cost of around £280. Do the maths... that's professional guitar teaching by Alistair Pope (his website is here) at £5 an hour. You also get to play in a small group setting, meet other guitarists, interact, exchange ideas... all good stuff.

Plus, you get to improve in a structured fashion and take an exam at the end. I'm certain they'll give you a certificate which you can frame and hang in your bathroom, too...


Ok, look... FINAL OFFER. If you sign up and the course goes ahead... I'll buy you a frikkin' beer, alright?


Dave Jacoby said...

Sorry. Sounds neat, but the commute is just a bit much for me.

Kenski said...

It's not that far. I'm thinking of popping around to your place to fill up my bike with gas, anyway! I can give you a lift if you want?

PS Might I suggest bringing a packed lunch or two for the trip?

Dave Jacoby said...

Speaking of bikes and trips, I used to live in South Dakota, and one summer I met some Germans who came to America, bought Harleys, drove around and worked at a relative's farm, had the bikes shipped to Germany, and, I'm told, sold them for outrageous amounts of green.

Anyway, I met them at the 7-11, where they were looking at the concert listings in Rolling Stone, wondering how long it would take to drive to Detroit. I told them it was probably about 18 hours of solid driving. The vastness of America blew their minds.