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October 7, 2008

Last Call For Rockschool

I've just heard that Rockschool is definitely going ahead on Thursday. I'm 99% certain it's a good thing, though Thursdays would have been an ideal day for band practice. Shit happens. Can't be helped.

The course administrator sent me the flyer (above) to circulate to anyone who might be interested. I'm not certain of its artistic merit (does it scream 'ROCK' to you?) but hey, it's a government run initiative, I guess, so what do you expect?

Apparently it's still just 5 people who have actually enrolled on the course, but another two have 'promised' to sign up. So, although I'm following through on my 'promise' to post the flyer... I DON'T CARE if anyone else signs up. Ha-ha!

'Small class' equals 'better' in my book. 5-7 plus Teach sounds about right to me. Not that I'm greedy, but I WANT ONE-ON-ONE ATTENTION! Initially I'd looked at this course as another networking possibility, but really, finding guitarists in London is not a problem. Finding bassists and drummers, there's the tricky thing.

So, here it is, last chance to enrol before the course starts. Take it or leave it. Yes... I'll still make good on the 'free beer' offer from before... hrmph!


Dave Jacoby said...

The guy looks like he's barely awake. He's certainly not enthused with the prospect.

Col said...

Are you on commission Ken?

Furtheron said...

Sadly given my living "out in the sticks" well actually it's one of the largest conurbations in South East England but it's outside the M25 therefore to most Londoners essentially the land that time forgot I don't think I'll be able to commit.

Also I've been playing 30+ years, you'd not think so given my ability, but not sure I fit the participant profile....

:-) p.s. I've a new blog just starting up

Kenski said...

@Dave... he has that 'is this thing on?' look, eh?

@Col... Ha! Nope... I'm actually working for karma points right now. They were good to me so I figured I'd play nice and maybe it'll stand me in good stead down the line :-)

@Furtheron... welcome back! I'll check out the new blog!!!!