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October 6, 2008

Tonight's The Kind Of Night...

...when potential band members meet for the first time!

Excited? Yes. Apprehensive? No, not really. I think if this had been six months ago that I'd have been totally unprepared for any of this. Right now I just feel like it's time to move forwards.

What do I expect of tonight? Well, as I've said before, we're talking 4 guitarists and a drummer, with one or two of the axe-grinders (not me!) putting their hands up to play the deep end. We have one vocalist/guitarist, too, which is handy. Judging by emails exchanged to date I'm picturing a a rag-tag fugitive fleet on a lonely quest for a shining planet...


...that's Battlestar Galactica, isn't it?

Right, let's change 'fleet' to 'bunch' and planet to 'spotlight'! Much better and marginally less spaced-out. Tonight isn't a jam, it's all about meeting up and figuring out who's crazy and who's ker-azy, man! A bit like the first hour of a new series of Big Brother.

It sounds to me like there's the possibility of something there, but only time will tell. I'll let you know how it goes.

My other possibility, a solo drummer in North London is on hold. I've not been able to choose a firm date to meet up with her yet as I've been focusing on the other 'bunch'. Might be able to squeeze something in at the end of this week or maybe next.

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Bizarro Aunt Jackie said...

Well best of luck!!! I do hope it turns out to be something great for you... -AJ