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October 8, 2008

Absolutely Fabulous

Okay, so here's the deal.

We never get invited to charity fundraisers... people probably think we're charity cases, ourselves. Well, we may have been invited to some, but we've never been invited back!

We're never invited to shop at a store after closing time... and been fed free bottomless champagne whilst browsing...

We never get the chance to mingle with 'faces' and 'names'...

And it's my 'policy' that celebs are real people too, so you absolutely do not approach them if you see them out and about in public.

That held true for such luminaries as:

Danny DeVito: Eating at Wagamama with wife, Rea Pearlman
Boris Johnson: Huffing along outside Waterloo Station
Matt Lucas: At the theatre
Bepe from Eastenders: At a Madonna concert
Lesley Joseph: Used to live a couple of doors down
Graham Norton: Eating in a bistro
Christian Slater: On the tube (or a look-alike!)

...and even...

George Michael: Shopping at Harrods
(were you expecting something else?)

But... but...


Okay, so I broke my rule as we were actually introduced to her by a friend of ours, one of the event organisers. That, and the gallon of FREE CHAMPAGNE we were force-fed...

Oh, and Lenny Henry was there, too... sorry for paying more attention to Jen!

[I suppose I'll lose karma points if I don't mention the cause. Last night was a 'Dress for Success' event held at Harvey Nichols store in London. 'Dress for Success' is a non-profit organisation which helps disadvantaged women back into the workplace by supplying them with suitable interview attire so that they can make the right first impression]


Furtheron said...

I helped her and her hubby operate the coffee machine in a BA airport lounge once... I toated a bagel for Tony Bennet at JFK once as well...

That's me - culinary help to the stars... :-)

Col said...

You slaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag

Kenski said...

"Hello, Alex. This is the mood board for the next edition:


Oh but Alex... Alex... with LOVELY SHOES!"

headbang8 said...

Harvey Nichols, sweetie...HARVEY BLOODY NICHOLS! So you're not the cheap slag you try to make out you are!

I thought Lenny Henry was married to Dawn French?

Kenski said...

Yep, but Lennie was there. I believe JS is married to Ade Edmonson (another British comedian). I guess they're just a tight bunch. I tried to hit Jen up for a pair of tickets to the French & Saunders stage show that's running right now. Didn't work, though.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, she's really, really good in bed,

Anonymous said...


how on EARTH can you know that!!???

Kenski said...

Well, okay then!

Anonymous said...

because my father used to date her. i say 'date' i do love Ab Fab actually.

Sophieandhearts said...

You're SO lucky! I love her!

Anonymous said...

She's frickin' awesome. And a bit sexy too. Mmmm. My dad used to be Morrisey's PA when he lived in L.A circa 98. He's cool.