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April 27, 2009

Derek Trucks, Beyond The Bush


Derek Trucks band:

New Orleans: Fantastic
Shepherd's Bush Empire: Awful sound, couldn't hear a thing
Manchester Academy 3: Bloody brilliant

I actually feel truly honoured to have been witness to Derek and the band's evolution since 2002. Back in the day, Derek's slide work was phenomenal. It's now even better plus his work without the slide, in alternate tuning (!) is more than it's equal. Amazing.

The Manchester gig was fan-bloody-tastic. There were a couple of technical issues which, if you didn't look closely, you might have missed. Mike's earpiece didn't seem to work right for the first couple of songs, so they broke from the setlist, went into an instrumental, off went Mike for a conflab then back onstage and bingo, everything was fab again.

It was interesting to see the band showcase each player. Most noticeably was on "Soul Serenade" where the band really reeled it in and Mike's vocals took centre stage. And he 'owned' the song, as they say these days (don't they?)

After the major disappointment of the Bush, Man 3 made up for it.

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.


Col said...

Stop moaning!!!

agatzebluz said...

Yah Derek rules !!
I'm looking forward for thursday. I will have the chance to interview Derek for 30 minutes and then see the soundcheck (I hope so).
Their last album is very good and there is a lot of different styles in it, which is nice. I am not closed to be bored by this album.

Aunt Jackie said...

I'm sure it was great!

I should travel more. :(

Hope your proj is going well.

We're sick-n-tired of bass player troubles, but what else is new.

Col said...

Chop chop spit spot. Get a move on!

Kenski said...

Spit spot what? Mr Man? I'm sending you an email!

Kenski said...

That was for information, not some kind of 'I'm sending YOU an EMAIL' type threat :-)

Kenski said...

Oh, screw it. No time!

Col said...


Kenski said...

Hey, I emailed you in the end, fella!

Col said...

That's besides the point!