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April 1, 2009

G20 Protests... Fact Or Fiction

Okay, so I had to pass through the supposed trouble spots to get to work this morning. Traffic was light. Didn't see any police or protesters.

Went out and took a look down towards Bank at lunchtime. Again, didn't see anything, though my x-ray specs are broken and I can't see around corners. I guess even angry rampaging anarchists need a break.

I'm beginning to think it's all an April Fools Day prank!

Nevertheless, I'll be skirting the hotspots on my way home tonight, juuuust in case.

As you've doubtless guessed, I have nothing of interest or note to blog about today.

[Picture tumbleweed rolling across the screen]


1 comment:

Aunt Jackie said...

I feel ya. I love to blog, and want so badly to put something interesting up every time I write, but sometimes we find ourselves just running on empty.

April Fools... :))

I'm pregnant with your baby.

oops--damn! I always get the two backwards!!