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December 1, 2009

15 Minutes Of Fame...

Okay. That wasn't too bad. So I said "phallic" on BBC1 but, hey, it was an arts show...

It's frikkin' weird seeing yourself on TV.

Red looked lovely and you couldn't really see the stain on the sofa!


Furtheron said...

can't wait to see it when I get home - as long as no one deletes it under the "what the hell did he record that for" pretext :-)

Pribek said...

Can we get a YouTube?

Aunt Jackie said...

You can't say "Phallic" on BBC?



Yeah yeah send a youtube linky!

Kenski said...

Ha-ha... randomly did a google search trying to find YouTube clips... ran across a review of the show by the Independent here.

They called us YOUNG MEN!!!!

We had them all fooled!