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December 3, 2009

Let's See If This Works

I'm sure the quality will be terrible, but... here goes nothing!


Kenski said...

Did it work? I think it's blocked from here, anyway!!!

Axe said...

Stick it on YouTube dear fellow!

Furtheron said...

It worked to a fashion...

Loved the bit with your Mum! I watched it with my Mother-in-Law ... her reaction was classic as well something along the lines of "It's all bloody odd if you ask me". Oh the sound of a mind slamming shut again :-)

Kenski said...

Everyone loved my Mum :-) She's a bit embarrassed by it... especially as she was quoted in the Independent in the programme review the next day!

I was sat on the couch looking at it last night and inspiration struck. If we string Xmas lights figure 8 fashion around each 'piece'... they *would* light up!

I think the idea's a go-er!

The funny thing is that the more I listen to it, the more it's clear they've cut and pasted unrelated sentences together to form some kind of coherent 'plot'. Editorial licence, methinks!

Also, halfway through 'our bit' they cut to a couple of scenes filmed at a local gallery that was showing other Mahli pieces. If you blink, it's easy to miss that the location has changed as the decorations are similar. We've had loads of people say how lucky we are to have such a huge flat in London... which we don't!