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April 12, 2010

Park Life

On Saturday I left the house.

The sun was shining and, well, our house stank of dank plasterboard, so I grabbed my old electric, assorted gizmos including an amplug (headphone amp) and headed into town. The plan was to sit in one of London's many parks, avoid the police and the homeless, and jam for a bit. Maybe I'd even hit upon a song idea or two.

In truth, the session wasn't very productive. First off I was bothered by a hoarde of screaming kids who took every opportunity to fuss around me, sucking on stones, eating dirt etc (as kids do). Where were the parents? Who can say. After they left (presumably kidnapped or shaken to death by a roaming nanny assassin squad, I got about ten minutes peace before a gaggle of SLR numpties decided I'd make an interesting subject for their photo-lesson. The annoying thing was that they were clearly trying to be sneaky about it, so they'd take turns standing next to me so that each of them could innocently shoot their friend... guys... your friend is standing 4 feet to the side...



Okay, so if you're doing something unusual in the pubic domain you're fair game, but c'mon, take a picture and move on. Don't try to be coy about it, spending half an hour hovering.

I did achieve two things. First off, I escaped from the house. Second off, I started in writing a song in The Black Keys stylee.

I don't know whether it's going to be any good, but I made a quick recording whilst it was fresh in my mind and I'll work on it later.


chazza said...

Ah bless. . Lol. Unfortunately life is such in today world. That the kids parents were not able to entertain/be with their kids for lifes responsibilities of one or other it seems.

I find when kids see an adult who is free with their time, they find themselves becoming the pied piper.

This has happened to me many a time (take a book to read in the park, bread to feed the ducks and swans. .mini pack lunch ). Kids approach with a hundred and one questions.

Scares me to talk. . .as in todays world may be accused of being a 'kiddie perve'.

Doesnt help that my local park a kiddie was snatched, murdered etc. .

Kenski said...

Hey Chazza, thanks for stopping by!

As to the amazing raining bedroom, nope, the neighbour from hell probably won't have to pay a penny towards repairs, unless the building's insurer decides to go after him...

There is no justice when it comes to insurance!

Furtheron said...

they just thought you were weird that's all!!!