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April 9, 2010

Rain Stops Play

So what have I been up to lately?

Mostly shouting at idiots.

The neighbour's flat upstairs sprung a leak. It started raining in our bedroom. We told the owner about it. He said the leak wasn't coming from him. We said, "Yes it is". He said, "No it isn't".

He lives in Paris and rents it out.

Can you see where this is going.

He said that he wanted to wait until his mate was free to come around and look at it.

When would that be?

A week on Tuesday!

But it's raining... IN OUR BEDROOM!

Nothing to do with him.

But it's coming from YOUR FLAT!

No it isn't.

Okay, so you say it's not coming from your flat. Can we take a look?


But there are no access panels in your bathroom. You TILED IN all the pipes and connections!

That's why he doesn't want to do anything. It'd mean punching a hole in the wall.


Fast forward 5 days. We finally got access to the flat by lobbying the management company and they made a hole.

Quelle surprise (a verbal nod to the owner's current location) there was a swimming pool behind the tiles. The leak was from a tap that his father-in-law had tried to descale as it was sticking. Leak fixed, water stopped pouring through our ceiling... after nearly a week of battle.

Y'know, I like the rain. I really do, especially warm summer showers. Call me fickle. I prefer it when it's outside.


Furtheron said...

Recent great quote from my boss after a notably bad day at the office - we offered him some time to compose himself and after a moments silence and reflection he calmly pointed out that... "Working with f***ing idiots will kill you eventually"

Kenski said...

Some of the 'classic' quotes from this past week of neighbour-induced inclement indoor weather have included:

"I decided against calling in an emergency plumber as it would be too expensive"

"Couldn't you just shore it up or something?"

(After not hearing anything from Saturday morning through Monday evening) "I didn't contact you sooner as I wanted to have a good Easter with my family"

(When I suggested that as he was having someone in later in the week to put in an access panel anyway, perhaps we could cut a small hole so we could at least verify that the leak was coming from under the sink) "No."

"There is water running down our walls and over our power sockets. It's an immediate fire hazard. We need to do something about this NOW"... "Can't you just wait until next week?"

There were many more. All equally riduculous and exasperating. Since the leak was located and stopped I really didn't expect an apology... and we didn't get one.

Colin Gillman said...

ooh err missus

Istvanski said...

The person responsible for this needs to be kicked to death for his attitude. Better still, how about submitting him for a bit of Chinese water torture?

chazza said...

0mg I would have gone ape shit. You do have patience. So will said landlord be paying for the damage caused to your Bedroom?