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July 1, 2008

The Beginning Of The End

...or "It's All Downhill From Here"!

Actually, I have a feeling that the summit is still a ways off. Tuesday July 1, 2008 is a milestone for The Project, possibly the biggest milestone outside December 31. Today is the official start of the second half of the year, so I'm here to tell you that this is where things hopefully start to get interesting.

I was going to revisit the ol' action plan, but the action plan days are long gone. The options now are to s**t or get off the pot.

I've started contacting other local musicians with a view to trying to get a band together, whatever that means. 'A band' could just be a group of like-minded individuals who want to jam together. It could just mean finding one other player to collaborate with. If things start to look desperate then it could just mean me on my lonesome, learning some songs for an open mic.

Whatever happens, the clock is now ticking and this is no time to rest on my laurels. Potential band-mates... look out, I'm comin' to getcha!

So, I'm not going to sound a fanfare to announce the start of hunting season, I'm just gonna saddle up and start shootin'.


Oh, I don't know. I was 'in the moment'. Gimme a break.

Okay, in other news, I finished Slash's autobiography. I know that this is likely to be an unpopular opinion, but lemme just say it started off well but then rapidly degenerated into a seemingly interminable list of the times the top-hatted one got hooked on booze or drugs. Up until the time Guns got signed it was a really interesting portrayal of a young man starting out life on the edge. Even past then, where it's clear that although Guns were getting an international following they were still as poor as dirt, unable to even buy food. Once they start playing stadiums the storytelling starts going downhill, rapidly becoming a one-sided Slash vs Axl cage match. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed reading the book, but I have to question whether the thing had to be two inches thick?


Further on up the road said...

I doubt you'd be interested in an original rock band based around Medway/Maidstone would you? :-)

Kenski said...

I'd definitely be interested, as long as practice and gigs were close to central London :-)

Hey, never say never, though!

Axe Victim said...

I fancy that book for my hols. It sounds like just the kind of mind numbingly dull thing to read around the pool. Will I be disapointed?

Kenski said...

At £5 it's worth a pull. It's not great, but it's titillating in places. Now, nobody's ever accused me of being a saint, but that boy's tale made me feel like a born again virgin.

It'd be an interesting read back to back with Axl Rose's autobiog... which I'm certain he'll start on after he puts the final touches on "Chinese Democracy"

Axe Victim said...

Yes and Dr. Pepper will go globally bankcrupt.

So it's good to see you getting so focussed. This will be the best thing you to do right about now. It will begin to 'define' you as a musician. After the summer you should be able to come out knowing which direction that you're headed. And besides, you'll only have three months left to fulfil your self proclaimed destiny, eh? Nothing like a bit of pressure.