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July 3, 2008

iPod DJ, Vol. 3

Round and round she goes, where she stops nobody knows!

Holy cow, there I was expecting my little box of electrickery to shuffle to something brand-spanking new, but wouldn't you know it, it pulled an Austin Powers on me and landed back in 1970!

Ladies and gentlemen, heeeeerreeee's DONNY!

Album: Everything Is Everything
Artist: Donny Hathaway
Year: 1970
Rating: 5/5 Sho'Nuff

Okay, so what's not to love here? The album's a mix of soul, blues and jazz. Damn, if you ain't clappin' your hands you ain't feelin' it.
It's all about being black, equality, and violence on the street.

Can I get one more Sho'Nuff?


I got this album on the back of listening to the Derek Trucks Band's version of the title track, which is itself a musical tour-de-force. The whole disc has it's groove on. And as for Donny, the man can sing and his songs have a message that still needs to be heard today.

If you're looking for a hit of funky orchestral soul, Donny's debut is the one-stop shop you need! Dig it?

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