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July 24, 2008

Is No News Good News?

It's a no news day!

I can't even do an iPod DJ as my iPod ran out of juice this afternoon. Besides, the jack plug on my 'good' headphones is broken (replacement jack ordered) so I can't even use those... I had to resort to using the crappy supplied Apple ones... not that they're terrible headphones, but the grey fluffy bits are so worn that I don't really like putting them in my ears. They resemble cheap socks that have been chewed by a spin-dryer.

Hey, look, I'm creating news out of thin air. Cool.

So, no iPod + no decent headphones = no music.

About the only thing I can report is that last night I loaded "Summer Strum" (both the version I posted yesterday... yesterday or Tuesday?.. and a stripped down one with just the basic chords onto my Tascam MP-GT1. The MP-GT1 is a gadget which is a bit like a stone-age iPod with a built in guitar amp so you can jam along over tracks. I figure it's probably going to be the best tool for me to work out the lead guitar parts on, without driving Tim insane with my noodling...

...which won't be tonight. We're off to the theatre. Won't be tomorrow night, either... off to meet friends near South Bank. Dunno when it's going to be, actually!

Meanwhile, back at Band Camp, I'm trying to set up meetings next week with a jazz piano man and a young multi-instrumentalist fello who's local to me and who writes and records his own cool little songs. From what I gather he's on a quest himself to record a song a week for the year. Sounds like a tall order, but possibly very productive! No firm meet-ups yet, though. Just provisional days.


Aunt Jackie said...

Awww Come on man!! Music is everywhere, even outside of iPod land :)) Play it yourself, or pop out (god forbid those old archaic CDs!!!) lol

Oooh I know it is hard to find good musicians to play with, hope it all works out. I could not live without my music.

Hope you're well, popping by. I'm gonna link you up so I have a reminder and a shortcut to your proj!


Kenski said...

Thanks for the link. I think I've made one to your corner of the woods! I'm all fingers and thumbs when it comes to this blogging stuff.

Unfortunately, when the ol' iPod dies in the office (which is as quiet as a library!), making my own music would be frowned upon. It's bad enough when lose myself in a tune and get caught 'chair dancing' :-)

Still, iPod's back up, cranking some Soul Stew Revival, which I mistakenly downloaded as it was labelled Derek Trucks Band, which it isn't... complex... it's the dTb plus guests, including his wife (Susan Tedeschi) as co-front-person.

I'm not dissing Soul Stew Revival at all, but it's a different thing entirely from the dTb.

Does make me want to pull out the Gibson and jam along, though.