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January 29, 2009

Grace Jones Live @ Camden Roundhouse

Iconic musical fashionista or unpredictable, scary TV presenter molester... you decide!

I'm going with fiery 60 year-old pole-dancing diva!

Quite the show for a grandmother! A costume change at the end of every single song, accompanied by rather racy, lascivious off-stage commentary. Wind machines, lasers... and fabulous hats!

[and Grace, if you read this, the grandmother thing was meant as a compliment... please don't hurt me]

I'd love to meet Grace Jones, though I'm pretty sure if I ever did I'd pee in my pants.


Furtheron said...

Saw her on Later a little while back and thought "Oh this'll be rubbish" but was surprised that I thought she was very good... It's not really my kind of music but she is a quality performer and I'd ingnorantly put her in the "not good" bucket.

Kenski said...

Me too... she was part of the whole 80's scene which you never knew whether it was avant garde art, music or what.

Tim wanted to go. Our musical tastes are so screwed up. He's a boy from the Ozarks, but he loves all the stuff I should have been into and I'm a Sarf Londoner and I'm into pub bands who used to play in his home-town! Bizarre.

Anyway, her new album, Hurricane, is actually really, really good in a weird, autobiographical way. For me the stand-out track is "Williams Blood" which is all about how one side of her family are pious god-fearing straight-laced folk... but she got her blood from the crazy black-sheep branch of the family tree.

It's not necessarily a great song until it breaks into (what sounds to me) like a chromatic vocal run which suddenly flips the tune onto a knife-edge.

Worth a YouTube or something.

Kenski said...

...and luckily I never saw my granny dressed like that or grinding her lady-bits against a pole! I think I'd have been (even more) scarred for life!

Grandma was much more into baking cakes and telling tales about her life in India, thankfully.

Istvanski said...

She's an odd'un.
I *would*, though.