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January 9, 2008

Action Plan, Part 1

Okay, so I've set myself the goal of going from being a bedroom noodler to a guitar god with a band (preferably a gigging band) before the end of 2008. The question is, how to I go from zero to hero in 12 short months. I figure what I really need is an action plan, broken down into small achievable chunks.

Step 1: Get Good

Since being credible is a fundamental requirement for convincing other people to play in a band with me, I need to spend some time nailing down the basics. At this time I'm not a bad guitarist per se, but I definitely need to get grooved and find some kind of focus.

I need to commit myself to practicing every single day, no matter what. That's easy when you're young, free and single. Not so easy when you don't fit into any of those boxes. I'm 38, need to work hard to make ends meet and have a husband, TT, whose schedule often conflicts with mine. Over the coming year, though, I hope to have a reasonable amount of free time as TT will be studying for his second Masters degree! TT doesn't know about the Fillmore Five Project... shhhh! Don't tell him! It's a surprise!

Getting good is also a confidence thing. Right now I don't feel ready to put myself out there, even if it's just to jam with other people. I know I probably am ready, but I want to be in the zone.

So, that's Step 1. I'm giving myself until the end of February to get good enough to start looking for other players.

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Dave Jacoby said...

Chased you here from IgBlog.

The unfortunate fact is that it is hard to get good enough to play with people without playing with people. People have timing that's odd. Playing with a record is playing with the amber-trapped remains of someone's idiosyncratic time. Playing with a drum machine is playing with perfect time.

Playing with people is the best way to get good.