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January 31, 2008

Suggestions, Anyone?

Not that anyone's reading this blog yet, but if there is anyone lurking in the ether then I'm looking for suggestions...

As part of the new guitar course I'm on, I'm supposed to pick a song to try to learn (in part or in its entirety). The idea is that over the 10 weeks of lessons I take time at the end of each practice session to work towards performing something 'real' as opposed to just doing exercises.

Here's the rub, as Ol' Bill used to say... I joined the class mid way through, so I only have limited time to learn a song and I'm short on ideas as to what's achievable.

Having heard me play, "Teach" suggested that I have a crack at "Little Wing". He didn't specify whether that was the Hendrix version, the one by SRV... Derek & the Dominoes... Dolly Parton...

(Okay, so Dolly's not on the list. Just checking if you were listening!)

I've been looking up how to play "Little Wing" on YouTube (as one does these days) and I'm not sure I can actually manage it. The main problem isn't necessarily the song, it's that I have to perform it on the acoustic and the song lends itself more to the electric, what with all the double stops with hammer-ons! I could, of course, 'reimagineer' it, as they say at Disney.

So, last night I got to thinking that maybe I should change tack and choose another song. Right now I'm leaning towards something relatively basic and repetetive (i.e. achievable) but funky sounding like Jack Johnson's "Taylor".

If anyone has suggestions for alternatives then I'd be more than happy to hear them. Remember, nothing that requires the player to be a virtuoso, and nothing that requires an electric guitar.


In other news, we're off to Amsterdam tomorrow for the first time in a year! The last time we visited what I like to call 'Sin City' was over New Year's, 13 long months ago. We're only there for a few days, but hopefully it'll give us a chance to unwind. I won't get to play guitar at all, but maybe I'll take one of my harmonicas along so that I have some musical release if needs be.


IG said...

Don't think "Little Wing" is doable on acoustic? How about Tuck Andress and Patti Cathcart's version of Castles Made of Sand and Little Wing. Check it out here:

Why not give those two songs a try? Just stay away from the fill-ins, and focus on playing the chords and building a good rhythm. C'mon! :) I'll try it along with ya. (I actually have been trying it on acoustic!)


Kenski said...

Thanks for the suggestion IG, I'll definitely check it out!