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March 3, 2008


No time for a real post, so here's a two minute summary of the weekend:

WAES Guitar Improvers course. Didn't have to perform song! Yay! Two more weeks to go until end-of-term. Hopefully I'll be able to convince the other guys to stay in touch and maybe get together for jam sessions after that. Right now it doesn't seem very likely, though. Did some blues stuff, highlighting variation in major and minor soloing. Plan on practicing that! Need to do backing tracks.

Woke up with the hook for a tune running round my head. Figured out tune, backing chords and drum beat. Tim's going to be away on his residential course from Friday, so I should have time to work on it.

Started learning "Outside Woman Blues" as performed by Eric Clapton on the Classic Albums "Disraeli Gears" DVD (special features). Deceptively simple.

Watched "A Film About Jimi Hendrix" documentary. Not a great show but hey, I've never really got into Jimi, but if I'm gonna be a Rock God I need to study the opposition, right?!

Heard this morning that blues/rock/jazz guitarist Jeff Healey died over the weekend. I had planned on seeing his upcoming show in London. He was due to be supported by rising blues act The Oli Brown Band. Wikipedia already shows Jeff as being dead! Wow. Really... eVersion of chasing ambulances.


Pribek said...

Alright Kenski, I am now "up to speed", as they say.
Viva, Fillmore Five
Here is something you may find interesting. My first band, back in seventy zxdrgf was called Skydog. I was and am a huge ABB fan. First concert I ever went too, by the way. I used to play a Tobacco Sunburst just like Duane's.
If you happen by the Ozarks again, you must look me up, sit in with the band, maybe "Outside Woman".
You are barking up the right tree with mixing those pentatonic scale together. Especially studying Eric, he is all about the hybrid pentatonic.
Best of luck and I'll be lurking.

Kenski said...

Thanks for that! I still remember the first time I ever heard the ABB play. It was a radio broadcast of one of their early concerts. By the time I discovered them Duane and Berry were long gone. When I found that out I was gutted, knowing that I'd never get to see the band play live.

It's not the same, but the current incarnation has something special again. I do miss the colour that Dickey brought, but things change. A brief 18 months living in Texas afforded me the opportunity to get back into the Allmans (not that I ever got out of them!) and also to 'discover' the Derek Trucks Band, both of whom I've seen live on a number of occasions. Scratch another one off the lifetime ambition list! My favourite ABB show was one in Berkeley Amphitheatre, despite the trek up the hill to get beer (and associated spillage on the way back down), it was a magical evening.

Bizarrely (for a British guy) since discovering the Allmans I've really been into all Southern US music and even used to have a few Ozark Mountain Daredevils LPs! Little did I realise at the time that I'd settle down with an American... one from Springfield, MO. I actually visit the Ozarks once or twice a year these days as most of my in-laws live in the Springfield/Nixa/Branson area! In fact I was just there over Christmas/New Year.

Small world, eh?

Pribek said...

"Bizarrely (for a British guy) since discovering the Allmans I've really been into all Southern US music"

I don't see that as bizarre at all. It's been going on all along. I was talking with Lou Whitney the other day (by the way Lou produced my record-shameless plug). Anyway, Lou and I were talking about the Beatles and he said this; "When I first saw those guys, I saw-1 guy who wanted to be Little Richard (Paul), 1 guy who wanted to be Carl Perkins (George), 1 guy who wanted to be Elvis (John) and 1 guy who wanted to be a drummer".

When I was first starting to play the "southern rock" stuff really hit me. I think though, that when the label "southern rock" was attached to it-it killed it. To me, once you define something like that you are restricting it.

So, I'm glad that this new batch of music from the south isn't being hung with that label. Derek is the real deal and so is Robert Randolph.

It is a small world Kenski, I currently park the Winnebago down at Table Rock Lake. I'm playing gigs with 4 different bands and most of the gigs are in Springfield and Branson. I have been in this area since '82. It's a tough place to make a buck playing guitar (unless you are in one of those shows over in Branson I guess) but good people and good country. So, you guys, do get in touch next time your in the neighborhood.