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March 7, 2008

Friday So Soon?

Okay, wow. It's Friday already. My last blog entry was on Monday and that was a hurried one due to lack of time. Guess what... it's been a busy week. All work and no play.

I think I've only managed to rack up about half an hour's practice over the past few days. It's been that crazy! The weekend's here, Tim's away on his residential course until Sunday night and I'm supposed to be writing, and possibly recording, some demo stuff.

First of all, though I have to wade through the piles of laundry, dishes and assorted detritus that has scattered itself around our loft. The place looks like it's been hit by a hurricane... twice.

So, what do I have to say that's even vaguely guitar related? Well, I've not managed to find the time to work on the chord inversion exercise Teach gave us in class last week. I have printed out a load of fretboard diagrams in preparation for having a stab at it this evening, if I get time. I doubt I'll get home much before 8pm, then there's all the housework to be done. And sleep. Must sleep!

About the only tangible thing I've achieved is to put a list of blogs I've been reading on this page. It's up there on the right under the "About" section. If anyone wants their blog removed from the list, or indeed added (music related, preferably!) then just let me know.

Boring as it is, I think that's it for now!


Frank said...

Thank you for adding my Blog to your list! :-)

Kenski said...

No problem at all. It's actually cool to find blogs like yours which you want to interact with. Thinking back over my guitar playing history there are things that I wish I'd known from the start as my progress would have been quicker and less frustrating. The internet's actually a great research tool for helping with the process. Also, when you're forced to try to explain something in a way that someone else can understand it, you usually end up learning more yourself.

Frank said...

That last sentence -- "when you're forced to try to explain something in a way that someone else can understand it, you usually end up learning more yourself." is exactly why I started and try to run the blog...

Even as I explain and write things it gives me a different perspective on things... Even with my current limited knowledge.

Frank said...

Hey again Kenski, I didn't realize it but I didn't have your blog in my Blog Roll. That wasn't intentional. I added it. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi, very interesting post, greetings from Greece!