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March 10, 2008

Everyone's A Player

I just looked at the calendar. We're up to "Day 70", almost a fifth of the way through the year. Am I 20% of the way to being a Rock God?

I don't feel ready to perform solo, but that's more to do with not having a singing voice at all. When the weather settles down, though, I plan on taking Blackie out into public places to strum and maybe pick out a tune or two.

I'm pretty confident that if I can get together with people who are already 'making music' then my playing is strong enough not to let me down. So, I figure I'm ready to get into the whole band type situation, I just have to make it happen. Surely I can do that with four fifths of the year remaining?

I've been keeping an eye on various 'join a band' websites and one of the issues I keep running into is my age. In a year and a half I'll be forty (wow!) and the mere fact of me having been on the planet soooo long seems to count against me. Most ads require applicants to be under 25, with many looking for players who are no older than 18! I figure I could pass for 30 in flattering light and youf-ful clothing, but 18? Not a chance!

I'll just have to figure out how to get round that issue... It's not going to stop me.

On Sunday night we were out at a bar in the Old Truman Brewery area of Shoreditch when we spotted our next door neighbours at one of the tables. They moved into our building a few months back and we don't really know them. I'd had a couple of glasses of wine and I figured I'd go over, say hi and apologise for the noise. With Tim away I hadn't really been showing much restraint in the volume department. They said that they didn't mind at all (they kind of look like they're rockers, anyway) and that they were really impressed as I have 'great tone'!


Turns out that the guy (as opposed to the gal) plays a little guitar, but doesn't have an amp at the moment. I let him know that he's welcome to borrow my Marshall any time he wants. Hopefully I won't live to regret that offer... his eyes lit up when I told him it dishes out 100W...


Frank said...

I wouldn't let age restrictions stop me from contacting someone -- if they do the music you are interested in doing.

Not sure if you've done this, but by me the music stores all have bulletin boards. Bands are always doing posts for band members... You could check for listings or, heck, you could list yourself as looking for a band. Why not?


Kenski said...

Good advice! I'll definitely have a go at that. Though there aren't any music stores in my immediate neighbourhood, there are loads of places where 'musician types' hang out. I've definitely seen other people's flyers around in coffee shops etc.

Need to also get the local newspapers I guess.

Thanks! Keep the suggestions coming!