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February 4, 2009

The Iceman Go.. eth...

The snow is melting... slowly... in places it's turning into really trecherous ice. Definitely not weather that the scooters will be out in any time soon... well... maybe Friday... We'll see.

The Rockschool piece "X-Blues III" is driving me insane. It's really annoying to listen to, and frustrating to play as I simply can't get it into my brain which call/response to play when. You have to make sure that each time you play the 'call' you end with your fingers in the right place to play the 'response', otherwise you're up the creek without a paddle.

So here's the thing. I'm distracted. Long story short, my Dad's not well right now. He's currently in a lot of pain, and we've been left hanging as to what exactly the doctors are going to do for him. We're no stranger to Dad having self-inflicted wounds. As I was growing up he was nearly severing fingers or severely burning himself on a weekly basis. This is age-related, though, which is something all-new and scary.

I'm not going to dwell on any of that but it's weird having to get on with daily life, Rockschool studies and all that, when we're on tenderhooks. I've completely ignored the fact that I'm supposed to be working on the other Rockschool song, "All Funked Up", as well as the rock/blues piece.

All very strange.

Hey, I even started writing a review of my new amp before the gravity of this stuff hit me. Got as far as where I was going to insert samples to demo the sound, but that all got blown out of the water. It'll come. All in good time, eh?


Pribek said...

"All in good time, eh?"
yes, is going to take priority some times.
It just might be good to plug in and wail a bit, instead of "practicing" stuff you "have to do". Might help clear the mind rather than muddle it more.

Kenski said...

Sage advice, J... Sage advice...

I could do with a wail! Blow out the cobwebs... What I should do is book a few hours at a local practice room all for myself and take the LP and the new amp down there to put it through its places.

Maybe things'll be clearer this weekend, eh?

Pribek said...

Part of the beauty of music is, it's a release. It can be cathartic. It's in him and it's got to come out sort of thing.

Istvanski said...

Hope dad of Kenski has a miraculous cure.