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February 13, 2009

Rockschool Blurp

No time for a real post so you'll have to settle for a blurp!

Rockschool last night. Improvisation 101. Nothing major (or minor) that I didn't know here. Really just scene setting. Chords in a key. That kind of thing.

Touched on places where you either have to change the scale you're using or at least miss out notes that are going to clash when you come across chords that don't actually fit into a key but which have been substituted.

Need to lay down some chord sequences and practice targetting notes within the chord then using the other scale notes as passing notes. Putting the right EM-phasis on the right syll-AB-le.

That's your lot! No Rockschool next week, then after that we're in New Orleans. Time for a break but mustn't get lazy and fall too far behind!


Furtheron said...

You going to New Orleans... must have missed that somehow... :-)

Kenski said...


Yes, yes, it's pretty much all I'm thinking about. I even have band practice tomorrow and I should be practicing, but I need to PACK!