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February 5, 2009

Rockschool Fiasco...

Oh My F**king God.

Apologies to those of a religious bent for the blasphemy. I'm sorry. I don't believe in The Big G, so oops, there goes my ol' immortal soul... again.

Due to public transport issues, I arrived a quarter of the way through the session, frazzled. I've not had news of my Dad today, so I'm on tenderhooks. We had to perform the pieces we've been 'preparing'.

I played badly.


Next week we're going to focus on improvisation skills. I have two weeks to polish the two songs plus have a stab at learning a third.

Let me just say again... Oh My F**king God.


Furtheron said...

New logo..... nice.

You have other things, much more important things on your mind with your Dad right now. It was a bad day - it doesn't matter put it behind you.

Kenski said...

Still toying with logo ideas... This one was more to test out whether something works or not... seems to on IE... Firefox... not so much. I'm a very sloppy coder when it comes to internet stuff so I often get caught trying to jump from platform to platform!

I actually had to sit back and rethink what I want to get out of Rockschool as I've been focusing on the coursework, where that's not what I really signed up for. I want to a) enjoy it, b) learn new stuff and c) refine what technique I have.

Must keep my eye on the ball and not stress out about stuff that's really not that important to me!

Col said...

Yeah you should man. Thinking of you right now and hoping your old man is well. Drop the rockskool thing and just get on and have a bit of a play. What happened to that weird-o band you were in?

Kenski said...

Hoping that Dad's condition is on the upturn. He was released from hospital last night so didn't get to visit. Headed over today to see him and relieve mother so she can run off and do whatever she needs to!

Aunt Jackie said...

Sure am sorry to hear about your bad news, whatever is going on, I hope for the best and have you guys in my thoughts. I sure know how you feel since I have had Dad health worries for so long until we lost him last month.

Hope all is o.k.

It's alright, everyone's experiences cause us a bad playing day once in a while. Hang in there!