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April 10, 2008

Concert Alert: Robert Randolph @ Borderline

Just the other day I was bemoaning the fact that I didn't want to go pay VIP ticket prices to see the upcoming Eric Clapton show in Hyde Park. When I heard that Robert Randolph and Jason Mraz had been added to the artist roster it made me mad as it felt like the promoters were TORTURING ME!

This morning I heard that Robert Randolph is playing a side gig at Borderline on Manette Street, just off Charing Cross Road! It's not clear whether The Family Band will be with him or not. The concert info just says 'plus guests'. Hey, maybe Eric'll sit in?

Credit card out, logged onto Ticketmaster, pair of tickets purchased!

Side rant:
Ticket price is £13.50... but...
Booking fee is £3.25 per ticket...
Postage is £4.95 (and the tickets will doubtless be delivered at a time we won't be home so we'll have to chase around London trying to find them)

All up price comes out at £38.45, or £19 plus change per ticket. So, on a pair of tickets you end up paying 42% over and above face value. If you just bought 1 ticket you'd be upcharged 60%. Consumer rip-off? I think so!

Any road up...

We don't have many concerts lined up this summer due to work and study constraints. So far our schedule looks like:

12 April: Oli Brown Band
3 June: Rufus Wainwright
27 June: Robert Randolph
5 July: Dolly Parton

Also thinking about going to the Skinny Molly gig (organised by Pete Feenstra) on 3 May.

Assuming it's still on (!) I plan on going to the blues jam at The Old Explorer pub, Oxford Circus, tonight. If it's good I'll make it a regular Thursday night gig.


Further on up the road said...

Robert Randolph at Hyde Park? Great - I've already bought the tickets.

Don't go there on ticket prices. Watch my blog for my part in an expose about this to hopefully coming soon to a well known magazine...

Last year I bought tickets to see Rush at Wembley. Face value £39.50 - service charge per ticket £4.55. Well you know internet flexibility etc. etc. so I stomach that. Ticket delivery options included TicketFast. They send you a PDF file with your tickets in that, you print them yourself. They have a unique bar code that is scanned as you enter the venue to avoid duplicates etc.

However £2.75!!! Sorry to print tickets on my printer with my paper and ink! If I buy a ticket with BA for a flight to USA they don't then say - oh yes and it'll cost you £2.75 to print the boarding card.

Kenski said...

I think there should be some kind of review of pricing to stop ticket vendors from slapping us with hidden/ridiculous costs.

Oh, and while I think about it, what about some venues charging £2 an item at the coat check. Went into one place and they wanted £10 for a 2 coats, 2 jumpers and scarf... I mean... charging for a SCARF!!! My jumper was about 10 years old and not worth £2 so I ended up throwing it away instead of checking it!

Bloody cheek, eh?