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April 30, 2008

How To Make Time

Since starting The Project I've tried to figure out how to make better use of my commute to work. I've thought about bringing a laptop for mixing/composition, a guitar (fellow passengers would love that!), writing pads and so on.

I've even considered whether I should rent a room close to the office Monday through Thursday. Cost-wise it'd be do-able as I could work some overtime and still have more free time.

What I haven't really put too much thought into is whether I should just look at taking a job closer to home. I have a long history with the company I'm currently contracting for and we're halfway through a major project. I'm not usually one to change horses mid-race.

However, an agent rang me yesterday and asked whether I'd be interested in an alternate position close to our loft which would save me at least 2 hours a day.

Two hours. That's a long time. Add that up over the course of a year... balancing for vacation... HOLY COW! That's about 12 man weeks per annum!!!


So, the money would be less, but my quality of life would increase exponentially. On that basis I'd seriously consider taking it! I'm due to go have a chat with them about the role on Tuesday. We'll see whether it sounds interesting...

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Axe Victim said...

Only you can make that call baby.