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April 29, 2008

Felicia Remembrance Day

This morning when I checked my email I saw that my inbox contained a message from a band looking for a guitarist. Sounded very cool. Blues-rock with a punk edge. I thought to myself, "I can do that!"

And then the tag line. The message said that 'transport' was 'essential'. Now, I have transport, but I share it with the masses. I ride the big red bus and hobo around on graffiti tagged trains. Most days public transport gets me where I want to with relative ease... even when drunk. Me alone, that is... if I factor in moving my amp, guitars and all the associated paraphernalia... well that's another thing.

Thinking back to yesterday where it took me two hours to get to the office and this morning where it was raining so hard that I got soaked to the skin within minutes of leaving the loft, I have to say that despite knowing that getting rid of her was the right thing to do (housing is, after all, more important than a thrill-ride)... I found myself missing Felicia.

Felicia was our 2002 Corvette Z06. We bought her brand new when we moved to Houston TX from the UK. Our rationale was that a) we deserved to have fun whilst in exile and b) because we knew that when we eventually returned to England we could take her with us, keep her for a year then sell her on for a profit. Pretty sneaky, huh? When push came to shove we ended up keeping her a year longer than planned as she'd become one of the family. When we finally sold her we just about broke even. Not bad when you consider we managed to run a 5.7l V8 supercar for three and a half years at no cost.

Goodbye Felicia. Hello house deposit.

I don't know that we'd do it again. Owning something like that makes you paranoid that someone's going to steal it, ding it, scratch it, or in the case of one of our previous neighbours, park their SUV so close that the exhaust burnt a ring in the paintwork. It's stressful.

On days like this, though, when summer seems so close, I can't help but get sentimental about the old girl and something deep down in me craves the freedom that car ownership affords.

So long Felicia. It's been more than two years since we've seen you, but wherever you are, I know you're bringing a smile to someone's face.


Axe Victim said...

Well you're going to have to face the facts. You can't expect to join/run a band with a ticket in your hand. You need wheels.

Kenski said...

I fear that in the long (medium and short) term you're probably right.

Part of me was hoping that if I can hook up with locals then it might not be such an issue until gigging takes place. The nearest practice room is actually close enough to lug equipment to, and our 'living space' is ideal for thrashing out song ideas... but not with a drummer!

What I don't want to do is limit myself to going acoustic and hooking up to a PA.

It's a challenge, but I'll figure it out.

caroline said...

Wow what a car i love sport cars,and bikes:0)
good blog to read.

IG said...

Oh no, Felicia is a beaut. Why did you get rid of her???

I have a similar challenge. Our second family car broke down and since the car is basically a money pit, we decided not to fix it and save up for a new car.

So, meanwhile, my wife and I share a car. We drive to work together and it works out ok.

But, it's funny being dropped up and picked up for gigs and rehearsals by a Mom with 2 toddlers in the back seat. It's almost like I'm back in middle school and my Mom is picking me up at school.

Yeah, I think a guitar god must have a set of wheels, nice wheels too, like Felicia.


Kenski said...

Yep, Felicia was a cracker.

When we bought her it was a purely financial decision.

We only planned on being in Houston for a maximum of 2 years, did our homework and figured out that our best choice for vehicular transport was a Z06 based on affordability and resale value back in the UK. You see, if you live in the US for a year, own a car for 6 months then keep it for a year after moving then you don't have to pay any import/export duty at all.

We could have had an even better return on a Viper, but our budget wouldn't stretch to the extra money.

I'd never driven a vette before and, as most non-US folk do, assumed she'd be a pig to drive, wouldn't handle properly etc. I expected to *want* to get rid of her as soon as possible...

I was wrong. The Z06 is a fantastic on-the-road racing car and I'd have another one in a heartbeat. There's nothing like punching it at 60mph and being driven back into your seat as you hold on for dear life :-)
Having said that, they're not really practical for London.

Then again, with Houston's flooding issues, a car with 4 inches ground clearance isn't really suitable either. SUVs actually make a lot of sense there!

Yes... yes... I miss her. I'm not a materialistic kind of person, but somehow owning something like that makes you feel *special*.

As a replacement, I'd probably be looking at some beater from the 80's... Think "Wayne's World". Not quite the same prestige :-)

Further on up the road said...

Oh I think I'm in love....

Sorry that just sounds very odd doens't it