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April 9, 2008

Putting Taylor To Bed

Well, I hate to admit it, but I've got to the point where I don't enjoy playing "Taylor" by Jack Johnson anymore! I just don't seem to be able to 'feel' it, so I figured I'd record as far as I've got with it, post it here and put it to bed for now.

Here's the intro and start of the verse. Pretty much from there on out it just repeats...

It ain't great, but it is what it is...


Frank said...

It actually sounds really, really good. Compared to your description of it, it is flawless! Actually, I'm not familiar with the original song, so to me it is flawless!

Did you record that with iPod adapter? It is a really good recording.

Thank you for sharing it. Perhaps one day you won't be burnt out from the song and can come back to record the whole thing!

Take care!


Kenski said...

Many thanks :-) Head swelling to dangerous proportions...

My issue with the way I play it is that it's too mechanical. If you listen to the original (the video for the single's easy to find on YouTube) it's a) faster (I think!) and b) has this lilting, consistent rhythm to it which makes it flow. When I was in the middle of learning it I 'got' that laid back feel to it but at some point I fell off the horse and never managed to get back on.

I recorder it using a semi-decent Sony dynamic condensor mic I've had for years (cost about $80 I think). I bought it as a stepping stone with the intention of buying a better one later. For now, though, I get pretty good results with it when recording the acoustic. It's not been so great for recording electric since I changed up from a practice amp to something bigger.

My iPod recorder hasn't arrived as yet... maybe at the weekend (fingers crossed)?