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April 21, 2008

Quantum Leap

No, not the 90's sci-fi series starring Scott Bakula. Remember that one? Me neither...

Quantum leap (noun):
An abrupt change, sudden increase, or dramatic advance.

Whatever the outcome, the Fillmore Five Project got a major kick in the right direction over the weekend. I was contacted by another blogger, who's been trying to put together a 4-piece as a side project to his main gig. It's pretty clear that our influences are a good match and the band's expectations aren't super-high, which takes the pressure off a bit. For me, this is a major step forward as one of the issues I was struggling with was how to meet like-minded folk. We're getting together tomorrow for a jam... to shake the tree and see what falls out.

Very exciting! There are no guarantees that anything will come of it, but when someone hands you a goose you gotta give it a squeeze to see if a golden egg pops out, don't you? Oh, okay... no... that's just me, then. For those rockin' goose farmers out there, that was meant to be a metaphor. I don't actually go around squeezing geese. That would be a bad thing to do. Bad geese-squeezers. Bad!

This really is virgin territory for me. Instead of playing along with records there'll be real live people filling in the gaps. I also get to play in a recording studio for the first time! I'm going to borrow a guitar/amp from one of the guys tomorrow, but maybe next time (if they invite me back!) I'll take Red Dog for a walk.

Right now I feel like I've been selected to appear on Jim'll Fix It. Not that I remember that show, either [cough].


Further on up the road said...

I really should get my arse in gear and look to get something together shouldn't I? You make me jealous and angry at myself at the same time. But also the reason I don't get out there - that fear of failure of clashing in style or tastes etc. with others still weighs me down and holds me back.

Kenski said...

Well, let's just say the offer was most welcome but completely out of the blue!

Axe Victim said...

Great! I get to joust with old Further-On even on here. Excellent! We'll crash in on your blog Kenski like something from an Errol Flynn movie with rapiers click clack clunking as we dance like cats across oak banquet tables, swinging from the chandeliers and drapes. So yes my dear friend FO, you have to get your A into G and play. It's what you are - a guitarist. Stand up and be counted, even if for one moment in time.

Kenski said...

Now, you boys aren't going to smash up the place, are you? I only *just* got it the way I like it!

It's taken me far too long to get *my* A in G (fab musical reference - bonus points!). I'm definitely a person who's more comfortable with the status quo (no, not The Status Quo), so it takes real determination to get up and *do* something.

Mr Furtheron, I'd seriously advocate taking a music course at your local community college. Get down there and mingle!

It really gives you momentum and in the group setting you quickly realise that risking making a fool of yourself is much better than sitting at home *wishing* you were improving.

The first course I did I was by far the worst person there but it was okay as I learned quicker than everyone else. The last one I did I was definitely in the upper percentile, but that was good, too, as being around others who are keen to learn really focuses you on what you're doing and helps you correct your own minor mistakes.