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May 13, 2008

Bedtime Noodle

Just the last strum before bed. I had such plans for tonight but ended up spending the whole evening chasing a mouse out of the flat. Thank you, Mr Oscar (who caused the problem but was no help whatsoever in solving it).


Frank said...

That sounds really good. It really does.

Kenski said...

Listening back to it this morning I was surprised to hear that it actually sounds like 'a song' (which means it probably is a song by someone else!)

The chord progression's one I've been toying with for a veeery long time. Last summer, in fact. It's kind of a finger warm-up thing for me these days... one I use to try and get my hands working on a Sunday morning. Coffee, back porch, strum. Never made it to be a song, just a fun thing to either strum OR pick at, using either a 2 note or 3 note alternating bassline. The way I usually strum it is slightly different, but I kinda shortened things for the quick recording, plus changed the strum, which actually sounds nice. A pleasant accident.

I've also really started to like the way the acoustic sounds when strummed with open chords but using a capo. A neat trick for getting a different sound from the same chord shapes.

I'm also starting to realise that sometimes it's better to use simple 'sparse' strums rather than trying to be clever and play something tricky. I may play with this one a bit and see what happens.

For some of the strums the 'interest' comes from taking your fingers off before you've finished a bar or during a strum. Again a happy accident, but a repeatable one.