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May 19, 2008

Drunk Boy Blues

Spurred on by the jam track that Ig of IG BLOG posted a while back, I decided to write my very first blues song. Over the weekend I taped a quick 12 bar blues in Em and set to penning some lyrics for it. Taking inspiration from my somewhat drunken attempt to jam over Ig's track I figured the theme of "Drunk Boy Blues" would be vaguely appropriate. When I've worked out the fills and solo guitar (not sure whether they'll be electric or acoustic at this point) I'll record a version and post it here.

In the meantime, here are the first draft lyrics to "Drunk Boy Blues"

I woke up late this morning
Soaked down with the booze
Yeah, I woke up late this morning
Really feelin' the abuse
Y'know these days I always wake up
With those mean ol' drunk boy blues

I reached out for a pillow
Thought I'd take myself a snooze
Yeah, I reached out for a pillow.
But you know, it weren't no use
I'd been sleepin' in the gutter
With my mean ol' drunk boy blues

Started drinkin' whisky
Bourbon chased by brews
Yeah, it must have been that whisky
It's always been bad news
My hands just get to shakin'
With these mean ol' drunk boy blues

One day I just won't wake up
I'll have fin'ly paid my dues
Yeah, one day I just won't wake up
I'll have nothin' left to lose
But that day I'll fin'ly kick off
Those mean ol' drunk boy blues


Axe Victim said...

Yes, err, well keep on working at it Ken. Something will eventually come together. I'd advise staying off the old 'Done woke up this mornin'chestnut and instead think up a new way of expressing your feelings via the 12 bar formula. Try it and tell me if I am wrong?

Kenski said...

Hrmph! I was goin' traditional, man!

Sheesh! Everyone's a critic :-)

Axe Victim said...

Yeah and don't I know it baby! ;)