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May 8, 2008

Move Over Pete...

...and make room in da slamma for me!

Okay, so here's the thing. I totally stole something today. What?.. I hear you ask! Good ol' Ig at IG BLOG was generous enough to post a backing track on his fantastically wonderful site (tell me if I crawl too far) and YES I stole it. Without remorse.

It's a neat little slow blues in E. Initially I was nooding over it on Blackie but then two things happened... well, three actually.

1) I ordered a pizza
2) I opened a bottle of red, red wine
3) I plugged Red into the Marshall and cranked it
4) I put on a blues face
5) I hit record on the 'puter...

Right, so for those who were counting, that's five things. I don't care if my maths has gone a bit wayward. Did I MENTION the wine?

Anywho. Ig had posted the slow blues track so that people could practice singing licks in their head and seeing whether they could play them out loud on guitar. I took a slightly different path. I decided to pull a Dionne Warwick and channel Mr Albert Collins (sans capo).

I have to admit that, while it's not perfect, it didn't turn out too badly. I got 2 and a half minutes in before I completely fell on my face and ended up missing notes left, right and centre. For the sake of listeners ears (and to save face), I've trimmed the crappy end off!!!!!

Here it is, though, in all it's glory. Given the Inc-O-Hol involved I've decided to call it "Drunk Boy Blues". Seems vaguely appropriate!

Oh, did I mention that I was playing Red. I think this is the first recording of My Special Little Boy that I've posted here. Red? Boy? Say 'hello' to the nice people...


IG said...

Awesome! Getting dirty... Nice...

No problem at all in using it and "stealing" it. That's why I do these playalongs.


Kenski said...

Cool, thanks! Now that I have drunk 'n' dirty all I need is 'low down' and 'mean' and I'll have the 4 corners of the blues map covered!

You know I've never actually played an E minor blues before as I get a little scared if the first box 1 position for the minor pentatonic is lower than the 5th fret (bends more difficult). It only occured to me last night that it actually helps playing dirty over an Em as all the open strings are 'good', hence the open to 3rd fret hammer-ons at the start. Sounds daft, but it's just something I've never explored! I will now!

Axe Victim said...

Get up to the dusty end as often as you can mate.