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May 13, 2008

"Please Call Home" The Movie

Okay, this one came in under my radar. Apparently a documentary has been made about The Big House, which is where the Allman Brothers Band and their families called home during the years they were starting to build up their following and working on 'the sound' that Duane Allman had been searching for all his life.

The movie's supposed to be less a band biopic and more a snapshot of what it was like living as part of the extended Allman Brothers family, down in Macon, Georgia.

I say it came in under the radar as, being an Allman Brothers Band fan I tend to hear about this kind of stuff pretty quickly. I only got to hear about the documentary, though, when I was sent an email saying that this Friday's premiere in NYC has been postponed.

For those interested, there's a trailer on the movie website. Check it out. It looks like it's based around band photos and monologues, but hey, for a fan it should be interesting. For those interested in The Big House itself, which is now a museum, their website is kind of neat, with lots of stories, pictures and virtual tours.


Elliott said...

Ok, the movie is playing this Sunday in New York.

Kenski said...

Thanks for the info, Elliott!

Unfortunately, whilst I'd love to go to NY this weekend, I have a prior engagement :-)

I've ordered a DVD copy, though, which has supposedly been dispatched.

Anyone in the NY area, go check it out (and let me know whether it's any good!)

Anonymous said...

This film is a joke. There is not a single comment from Dickey. Can you imagine no refrence to the lead guitarist and composer of their greatest songs. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

Where is Dickey in this documentary?

Anonymous said...

An Allman Brothers documentary without Dickey. SAD.

Elliott said...

Dickey was asked several times by different folks to take part in this film. He was missed greatly.

Kenski said...

Hey guys, don't know whether you saw but I subsequently posted a mini-review here.

Given the acrimonious split between Dickey and the band I wasn't at all surprised that he didn't put in an appearance. After all, the film was made by a 'not for profit' organisation, so it probably didn't have much financial clout.

Whilst Dickey was mentioned several times and photos were shown, no, he wasn't given centre stage with Duane/Berry. Musically, I agree that Dickey was a vital part of the band, both pre and post Duane. I think the film-makers did the best they could based on who was actually willing to stand up in front of the camera. If you've ever read more than one Allman Brothers book you'll realise that each member tells a slightly different story.

In fact, if you read Randy Poe's book "Skydog", the various conflicting recollections of a number of events are noted, even pointed out.

What I did get from the movie was a lot of reverence for the deceased, for times gone by. I don't think we should lose sight of that. For me, the era that was depicted is one I feel a strong affinity with, even though I was born in 1969, around the time the original line up were in the studio recording their debut (which is still my favourite studio album).

I wouldn't say the film is a joke by any means. I'd agree that it lacks an essential ingredient but that's not the film-makers' fault if Dickey didn't want to take part. It still gives you enough pieces of the puzzle to let you fill in the rest of the picture.

Personally, I'm glad it was made, with or without him. I'd have preferred him to be there, but beggars can't be choosers.

What I'd *really* like to to be transported to a point out of time where I could sit on the back porch of the Big House with Duane, Berry, Dickey, Warren and Derek for a jam. That would be something.

In many ways I wish they'd cut the last section which deals with the band today. Somehow it feels like the film-makers are slamming a door on the past and saying 'that was then' (which may have been the point). I think that's pretty much what the band's done a couple of times since the 90's.

Damn it. Now I want to read "Skydog" again!!!!